Chains of Floane

Magic Chains that can greatly change Greenville


This set of ragged chains, looks like any other chains except for the symbol of the Caregiver etched on the centermost link, almost unrecognisable at a distance.

THis Chain is actualy very powerful. With it one can control the Floamotte(see wiki)and with it control the isles of Kenerkethia(see wiki.)


These chains belonged to Floanne one of Kenerkethias’ chief protectors and a devoted follower of the Caregiver. Floanne built the Floamotte,when the undead attacked Kenerkethias’. The Floamotte was able to hold the undead off for a month before finally, Floanne led a battalion of militia, clerics, and farmers (about 14 people in total.) into the heart of the undead army and bested the necromancer controlling the army. Before he left he gave Father Redd (Current High Priest of the Caregivers temple) a set of chains, with them someone could reactivate the power of the Floamotte and henceforth command the greatest power in Kenerkethia.

Chains of Floane

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